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Here at Humanus, we understand that therapy services may be hard to find so we have developed an innovative solution to break the service gap between therapists and students. We developed our teletherapy service platform, Humanus Connect, because we want to ensure that our partners’ students are receiving the support that is necessary for promoting academic and social development.

Humanus Connect overcomes the inaccessibility that so many students and their families face when seeking therapy services such as location, schedule conflicts, language diversity and financial difficulties. Our platform allows students and therapists to interact through a secure, video-software program that can be accessed anywhere in the United States. We are fully HIPAA & FERPA compliant and our systems and processes are audited on a regular basis to ensure all information is safe and secure.

Similar to traditional on-site therapy, online therapy enables your students to work with the same therapist every session. Therapists can easily customize lesson plans and utilize various presentation tools when working with Humanus Connect. By collaborating with the students’ teachers, parents, related therapists and school administrators, our providers are able to develop and execute individual education programs (IEPs) within deadline compliance. Our providers also offer remote IEP and parent-teacher meetings so they can provide detailed progress reports to help all related parties monitor the students’ level of performance, measurable goals, and recommended services.

Academic support and therapy services delivered through online means give our academic partners’ students access to the most experienced professionals in the nation. Additionally, our academic partners are provided with a reliable and flexible alternative method for meeting the needs of their students in a more affordable manner.

Here at Humanus, we offer flexible and rapid deployment for our partners at highly competitive rates. It is our mission to provide top quality services that will meet our partners’ criteria, expectations, and financial resources. Together, we can create safe, inclusive learning environments where students have the academic and therapeutic support that will lead to academic success, personal growth, and happiness.

We offer the following Teletherapy Services:
  • Speech Language Pathologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • BCBA Supervision
  • Psychology/Counseling/Social Work
  • Tutoring
  • Online Educational Instruction
  • Physical Therapists

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