Message from the CEO

Humanus Corporation (“Humanus”) was founded with one passion in mind — a steadfast commitment to helping people lead happy and healthy lives. And though we have expanded and grown over the years, people remain our top priority.

We primarily focus our energies in Academia. Why focus on serving the educational community? Simple. Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, thinkers, and innovators.

However, our nation’s students are, unfortunately, not always in equal standing within their diverse peer-group. Too often our nation’s youth face any number of challenges in pursuing their goals of academic achievement or healthy social interaction and integration.

With the help of Humanus, students nation-wide gain access to the educational resources that can assist them in overcoming whatever challenges they may face. Through the dedicated services of Educational Psychologists, Allied Health Therapists who specialize in serving children and adolescents, Special Education Teachers, and School Nurses, students are provided with need-individualized support and guidance during those crucial developmental years.

In our continued effort to guarantee students’ access to necessary educational services, Humanus recently launched TelePractice. Through Telepractice, Humanus utilizes technology to bridge the service gap for students who encounter difficulties in receiving the educational and healthcare services. Regardless of location, language, or financial barriers, Humanus offers our nation’s students access to the educational support which they need and deserve.

Humanus — working with people in order to work for people.

Warmest regards,

James Stewart
President & CEO
Humanus Corporation

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