Academia Recruitment Overview

Here at Humanus, we are dedicated to finding the “perfect fit” for our academic partners which goes way beyond sifting through resumes for candidates that fulfill the position qualification criteria. As a leading expert in Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), we have the experience and resources to effectively provide you with professionals that are qualified on both a professional and personal level.

In order to properly assist our partners, we have to know who we are working with and who we need to find. It is imperative for us to understand our partners’ core values, company culture, expectations, and timelines. This information allows us to develop individual recruiting so we can build a strong foundation when evaluating potential candidates.

We are committed to being proactive, creative and consistent throughout the duration of our partnership. We want to be a part of helping you create a positive and productive work environment because we all share the same mission – to help others learn, grow and succeed.

Our spectrum of services include:
  • Recruitment Sourcing Strategies
  • Candidate On-Boarding Process
  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Interview Tracking and Management
  • Employer Brand Management
  • Interview & Job Description Standardization
  • Marketing Campaign Development
  • Onboarding and Process Design
  • Ad Response Management
  • Candidate Lead Generation
  • Reference Checking
  • Retention Program Management

Candidate Research

We are extremely passionate about providing our partners’ students with the best possible services from top quality academic professionals. In order to do this, our recruitment team is always working to expand our network so we can provide our partners with as many options as possible when presenting candidates.

Another component of our candidate research procedure focuses on evaluating current market conditions. Obtaining this data helps us determine pay rates, realistic time lines and an estimated number of applicants per position. These factors are based upon profession, qualifications, location, previous experience and education level.

We want to provide our partners with as much information as possible. We seek to become your internal project managers through the evaluation, planning, implementation and on-boarding phases because we want to help you establish a seamless hiring process.

Candidate Sourcing

Many employers and recruiting firms rely heavily on job boards to drive applicant flow. This can be effective and convenient; however, we realize that it is not always an option when searching for top quality professionals.

At Humanus, we focus on both the active and passive candidate marketplace. Active job-seekers are candidates that submit applications through job boards for specific positions. Passive job-seekers are candidates that our internal recruiting team will find through different platforms such as LinkedIn, Indeed, personal references, career fairs, social media…etc.

Although recruiting passive job-seekers requires more effort, we have found that those candidates tend to have longer retention rates. We also find that we are able to establish stronger interpersonal relationships with passive candidates, which helps us determine if they would be a cultural fit for our partners’ students and school environment.

We want to do everything that we can to provide our partners with the perfect fit and we do it because we care.

Candidate Tracking

Our team has implemented an effective candidate tracking system that is designed to manage our extensive network of academia professionals. Potential candidates are entered into our database based upon their qualifications and our determination that the applicants are capable of providing the levels of service which our partners’ students deserve. Our tracking system allows us to search for candidates according to profession and work locations.

Having this data readily accessible is extremely advantageous because we are able to easily reach out to qualified candidates when searching for professionals on behalf of our partners.

As soon as we are informed of a new position, we will reach out to all of those that meet the location and qualification requirements via phone and e-blasts. This is a great way to open the line of communication with potential candidates. We track all responses and quickly follow up with those who express interest.

Our recruiters utilize our tracking system by documenting any previous conversations and updates. This makes it easier for us to maintain relationships and remain up to date with their current status.

We value the relationships that we develop with our professionals and our tracking system has effectively helped us remain in communication on a personal and professional level.

Employee Retention

People are your greatest asset and our goal is to help you protect your business and your company culture. The cost of employee turnover is extremely high and it has a detrimental impact on any organization both financially and culturally.

Many think that by increasing pay or benefits will automatically solve the problem, however, long-term planning with measured results will yield the best retention rate. Do you know what is impacting your retention? Humanus can help you assess your business’ strengths and weaknesses and assist with determining what is important to employees.

What impacts retention?
  • Employee management
  • Communication and respect
  • Salary and benefits
  • Cultural conditions
  • Employee recognition
  • Perception of stability
  • Personal growth
  • Commute

Ultimately, you need people who are dedicated in a full-time capacity to truly implement and measure the long-term planning. You also need an executive team that is respectful and constructive. The key is building and managing your company’s plan all while maintaining the upmost respect for your employees. It is imperative for your employees to feel like their voice is being heard. We train how to facilitate group and individual meetings to discuss goals, career objectives and any concerns they may have.

There is a direct correlation between employee satisfaction and job performance. We have the knowledge and understanding of how to help you achieve your desired results for building and maintaining a productive, positive and loyal team.

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