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What do we do?

Humanus is a national academia and related therapy services provider. We provide our school partners with services and support. We help professionals find positions that will allow them to pursue what they love. Most importantly, we improve lives by helping others learn, grow, and succeed by giving them the attention and care that they deserve.

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Why do we do it?

The essence of Humanus begins with our name — Humanus: of people, human. Our devotion and passion for helping others make us more than an education referral service. We are dedicated to helping create safe, inclusive learning environments where students have the academic and therapeutic support that will lead to long-term success, personal growth, and happiness.

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Why work for Humanus?

Here at Humanus, it is our goal to provide our team of qualified professionals the best possible opportunities that meet all of their career objectives and allow them to do what they love to do. We work nationally, with an ever-growing presence, so we are able to provide our team with options and security.

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Why work with Humanus?

It is our objective to provide top quality services that fulfill our partners’ criteria, expectations, and financial resources because we all share the same mission – to help others learn, grow and succeed. We work with professionals that will conduct evaluations and provide on-going services, and we offer flexible and rapid deployment for our partners at highly competitive rates.

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