LOCATION: West Bradford Township, PA 19335

Job Coach – Downingtown (RF: 2904)

We are currently seeking a full-time job coach to work with HS students in the Downingtown, PA area. This person’s primary responsibility is to guide students through the process of searching for, applying to, interviewing for, and independently working a position with an employer. Eligible candidates must have a HS Diploma. Candidates with a Bachelor’s degree are preferred.

  • Must have a high school diploma
  • A Bachelor’s Degree is preferred
  • Should have experience working with individuals with special needs
  • Work with students 1:1 and in small group settings on resume creation, interview preparation, professional skills, and self-advocacy in the workplace.
  • Collaborate with students’ case managers and therapists to determine the best course of action for the student’s training and assessment.
  • Network and partner with local businesses to find inclusive, good-fit job opportunities for individuals in the community.
  • Develop for employment with students out in the community through filling out job applications, completing on-the-job assessments, and speaking with hiring managers.
  • Arrange interviews for students and act as a support for them while they interview.
  • Assist students with scheduling, on-boarding, and orientation after they start a position, and work with them to gain independence at work.
  • Support students to form natural supports while at work and encourage them to take advantage of workplace culture.

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