4th-7th Grade Supplemental Learning Support – Philadelphia (RF: 2961)

We are seeking a certified Special Education Teacher for a full-time position working with 4th-7th Grade students in the Philadelphia, PA 19103 area. This position starts ASAP and continues for the remainder of the school year. Eligible candidates must be a certified Special Education teacher in Pennsylvania and have up-to-date PA clearances.

  • Must have a Special Education Certification in the state of Pennsylvania
  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree (at minimum)
  • Must have current, up-to-date clearances
    • FBI Fingerprints
    • PA Criminal Background
    • PA Child Abuse
    • Act 168, Act 24
    • Mandated Reporter Training
  • Exposure to and participation in appropriate special education related programming including IEP meetings and IEP goal writing
  • Ability to recognize the individuality and uniqueness of each student & treat him/her with respect & dignity
  • Ability to engage intellectually and physically in all components of the educational process
  • Plans instructional lessons, in writing, according to a planned scope and sequence, addressing individual differences among the students assigned according to the student’s pre-determined goals.
  • Develops, in writing, appropriate goals for assigned students and monitors progress throughout the year.
  • Consistently implements behavioral programs, clearly defining limits and expectations, encouraging student self-discipline verbally and by example. Documents behavioral incidents.
  • Offers instructional delivery that is goal related, clearly states expectations, involves equitable student participation, is properly paced, allows for differentiation, and includes assessment.
  • Maintains a record for each student, which reflects the starting point of instruction, the strengths and deficiencies of the student, the objectives to be obtained, the modes of learning and materials to be used, and an evaluation of progress over time, in achieving the objectives.
  • Correlates instruction with other instructional areas when possible and desirable, by planning experiences that include other subject areas with the curriculum.
  • Arranges for the use of a variety of teaching supplies, equipment and multi-media instructional material, including self-prepared materials.
  • Correlates instruction with specialists and utilizes the services of the psychologists, therapists, nurses, guidance counselors, and other available resources.
  • Conducts parent-teacher conferences as scheduled in a professional manner.
  • Maintains a professional, confidential and ethical relationship with colleagues, students and parents at all times.

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