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Sunday, July 15th is World Youth Skills Day! World Youth Skills Day (WYSD) was established by The United Nations in November 2014 to highlight the worldwide lack of employment opportunities available to young people and the urgency for change. WYSD was intended to create an ongoing discussion about the significance of vocational education and practical skills development to help decrease the unemployment rate among these individuals.

According to statistics provided by United Nations Population Fund in 2014, almost two-thirds of young people in developing economies are neither permanently employed, nor getting education. Last year, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that high school students are twice less likely to join the labor force than college students. Because traditional four year schools aren’t always an option, it’s easy to see why the WYSD community is so passionate about change. They aim to provide equal opportunities for success by promoting alternative educational programs.

For our friends in PA: Pennsylvania’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) system ensures ample opportunities for students to build and develop their academic and professional skills. They explain some pros and cons of skill oriented education, as well as mention some of the best accredited technical institutions to prepare you for the workforce. Disciplines offered in these schools range from nursing to mechanics, and include just about everything else in-between. CTE programs also make the process of transferring to the workforce feel a lot more natural since you’ve already been practicing in professional settings.

Successful, well-paying careers really aren’t that farfetched! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) make an average salary of $27,510 per year with basic requirements of only a CNA State Certification and CPR/First Aide training. Those who enjoy working with children might consider an Assistant Teacher position that has an average salary of about $26,260 per year. While it’s commonly assumed you need a higher education, all you need is a High School Diploma or GED, CPR/First Aide training, and up-to-date PA clearances. The Lehigh Career & Technical Institute offers an Early Care and Education of Young Children program specifically designed to provide you with the knowledge, professional-level certifications, and skills necessary to be successful in a career in education. Check out the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s list of Career and Technical Education Centers to find a school near you.

We are proud to participate in the recognition of World Youth Skills Day in an effort to increase awareness of unemployment, and share ideas to lessen it. Together, we can change the statistics and spread the word about the benefits of vocational education.

Just because you’re unable to attend a traditional four year college or university, doesn’t mean you can’t prosper! Plenty of Career and Technical Education programs throughout the nation are waiting to give you your opportunity for success – What are you waiting for?





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