You Get What You Give

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It feels good to give, right? Whether it’s our time, energy, efforts, or love – it drives us as humans to feel that we are a part of something, and doing something not only for ourselves, but for others too!

July 15th is a day where we are reminded to do the simplest act – give. National Give Something Away Day is dedicated to giving back to others. Here are some truly simple ways we can share in the special day together:

1. Kindness

Let’s spread it! Up for a challenge? Try this! Give out three compliments today:

  1. To a stranger
  2. To a friend
  3. To yourself

These are such simple ways to brighten your day and someone else’s.

2. Donate.

Clothes. We all have them. Go through your drawers and look at what you don’t wear. Ask yourself “Have I worn it in the past year?” If not, it may be time for that old t-shirt to find a new home. Someone may need it a little more than you do!

3. Show your support & share some advice.

Showing your support is such an easy way to show your love and give a little. Have a loved one going through a rough time? Tell them they are strong. Someone you know having a bad day? Tell them they are amazing! Offer support and encouragement today – no matter how it’s said, your words hold power.

4. Share a song, article, or something that makes you think of someone.

There is so much that goes on throughout the day that makes you think of someone else – right? Whether it’s a song, a quote, a memory, something that caught your eye in the store. Today, let’s make it a priority to act on those thoughts! Make a call, send a text/email, write a letter, mail that gift that caught your eye!

That simple thought of someone may just have been what that person needed today.

5. Give your time.

You know that old wise saying “use your time wisely”? Let’s use it for good! Volunteer somewhere locally – do your part in the community.

There really are a million ways to get involved nearby. If you don’t know any current volunteer projects – use that great old site called “Google” and search away! You are bound to find something that makes you want to get involved.

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” – Winston S. Churchill


We hope you love celebrating this day as much as we do here at Humanus.

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