7 Best Ways to Celebrate Adoption Awareness Month

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Adoption provides the incredible option for families and children because it allows them to have the lives they always dreamed of. It is a selfless act of both biological and adoptive parents. They are putting the child first which is extremely admirable and both parties deserve to be praised. Adoption Awareness Month is a wonderful way to support such a special community.

Here are some fun ways to celebrate!!

Talk with children and teach them about different types of families: 
Not everyone comes from a traditional, nuclear family, as a matter of fact; it is pretty uncommon. Helping children understand that every family is different will allow them to become open-minded, accepting, and supportive.

Throw an “expecting a baby” shower:
The adoption process is a beautiful and exciting time for new parents. Throwing a baby shower is traditional and fun and a great opportunity to provide an environment for the parents to know that they have the support.

Organize play dates with other adoptive children:
This can be a fun time for you and your child! No situation is the same but if you pay attention to the similarities rather than the differences, you will be able to create lasting, meaningful relationships with one another. There is a special bond with others because they have a deeper understanding of what to expect and how to manage different situations. Your child can have fun with one of their friends, you can learn about and support the family in their choices, everyone wins!

Attend a local adoption day celebration: 
There are events going in every state, all year long, but most specifically in November, with it being National Adoption Awareness month. This gives you a great way to network and get to know more about other peoples’ experiences. To find a celebration in a town near you go to nationaladoptionday.org/events.

Donate to an adoption agency or local hospital:
Adoption Agencies generally thrive on donations. But if you are in a pinch for money, a donation does not have to be in money form. If you are crafty, think about knitting or crocheting a few items for a local hospital. Another way to help is by donating everyday objects that the children can use such as books and school supplies.

Read a story about adoption to your classroom:
Introduce the concept of adoption by reading a book about adoption. This will provide an easy platform for teachers to talk about how prevalent adoption is amongst children of all ages.

Celebrate different heritages to teach children about all cultures:
Getting to try different foods from all over the world, gives you a good sense of where people come from. This could be helpful when getting to know an adoptive child from overseas. It is also a good way to open up a conversation in a classroom if a new child comes into the class. Food can leave a lasting impression!

Hopefully, this provides you with some creative ways to be involved and also support children of adoption!

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