LOCATION: Pennsylvania, USA

Virtual Special Education Teacher for Chemistry – Pennsylvania (RF: 2288)

We are currently seeking a certified Special Education Teacher for a part-time position working virtually with a 12th grade student. The special education teacher will help with Chemistry for about 5 hours/week. This is a work from home opportunity that starts immediately and continues through June 2022. Eligible candidates must be a certified Special Education teacher in the state of Pennsylvania and have up-to-date clearances.

  • Must have a PDE Special Education Teaching Certification
  • Must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education (at minimum).
  • Must have current, up-to-date clearances.
    • FBI Fingerprint Clearance
    • PA Criminal Background Check
    • PA Child Abuse Clearance
    • Act 168, Act 24
  • Must have high-speed internet.
  • Generating the required data to meet Special Education compliance
  • Providing support to identified students via the computer and phone
  • Working collaboratively with staff to develop accommodations and modifications of the curriculum, and communicating with parents on a regular basis
  • Co-teach with subject area teachers to provide educational support to students with disabilities and any student where assistance can be beneficial
  • Instruct individuals in special education skill areas
  • Plan curriculum, lessons, and special education programs and teaching methods
  • Evaluate and monitor student progress based on classroom performance, test scores, and observation of behavior
  • Support objectives and interventions of the educational program
  • Develop IEPs addressing specific academic, behavioral, and speech needs of students
  • Prepare report cards, educational records, classroom observation records, and other documentation as required.
  • Function as an integral member of the treatment/IEP team, addressing the needs of students

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