LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA, United States 19140

Semi-Virtual Elementary Special Education Teacher – Philadelphia (RF: 1906)

We are seeking a certified Special Education Teacher for a full-time, semi-virtual position working with elementary students in the Philadelphia, PA area. This position is primarily working from home, teaching virtually, though the teacher will travel to the school on Wednesdays and teach virtually from the classroom 1 day/week. Eligible candidates must be a certified Special Education teacher in Pennsylvania and have up-to-date clearances.

  • Must be a PreK-4 Certified Special Education Teacher in the state of Pennsylvania
  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree (at minimum)
  • Must have current, up-to-date clearances
  • Must have excellent references.
  • Must have the ability to teach from home
  • Implement the curriculum and instructional strategies and utilize virtual classroom routines and procedures with consistency
  • Develop rigorous lesson plans, homework assignments, and assessments
  • Work closely with school leaders to analyze student assessment data and use data to inform instruction
  • Collaborate in grade-level teams to discuss student work, share best practices, and ensure student mastery of standards
  • Form and maintain relationships with students’ families, including phone calls and conferences
  • Participate in ongoing professional development

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CATEGORY: Education | JOB TYPE: Full-Time |

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