LOCATION: Phoenix, AZ, United States

Bilingual School Psychologist

We are currently seeking a certified School Psychologist for a full-time position working with K-8 students in the Phoenix, AZ area. Bilingual candidates (English/Spanish) are preferred.

  • Must be a licensed and school-certified School Psychologist in the state of Arizona.
  • Must have Master’s Degree.
  • Must have current, up-to-date clearances.
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) preferred.
  • Must have excellent references.
  • Must enjoy working with children.
  • Directly responsible to Administrator for Special Services.
  • Participate as a team member in the areas of screening, evaluating, and diagnosing.
  • Participate in parent-staff conferences to interpret findings and recommendations resulting from evaluations.
  • Firmly adhere to all federal, state and district rules and regulations regarding timelines.
  • Be procedurally available to pupils, parents, staff and faculty personnel for the administration of professional advice and consultation on all matters related to psychological needs and services in the schools.
  • Collect, compile, evaluate and provide, as required, data that may become necessary as a matter of information, documentation, reports or administrative planning requirements.
  • Implement and maintain the policies, rules and regulations of the Board as directed through its appointed administrators.
  • Research and study the field of child growth and development in order to gainfully recognize the academic, social and emotional needs of children.
  • Develop an understanding of the local community and its educational needs. Diligently observe and apply the principles and techniques of good school public relations. Assume a leadership role in bringing about a harmony of understanding between the school and the community which it serves.
  • Maintain the high standards of performance and ethical characteristics of the School Psychologist.
    Other duties as assigned.

CATEGORY: Psychology | JOB TYPE: Full-Time |

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