LOCATION: Phoenix, AZ, United States 85004

School Psychologist – Phoenix (RF: 2113)

We are seeking a certified School Psychologist for a full-time position providing services to school students in the Phoenix, AZ area. Eligible candidates must have a valid AZ Department of Education Psychology Certificate, their AZ Fingerprint Card, and 1 year of school experience (preferred).

  • Must have a valid AZ Department of Education Psychology Certificate
  • Must have a Master’s Degree in Psychology
  • Must have a valid AZ Fingerprint Card
  • 1 year of school experience (preferred)
  • Evaluates students for special education eligibility including diagnosing emotional, behavioral, learning, and attention problems and determining the appropriate placement or intervention method.
  • Counsels students individually or in groups on issues such as drug abuse, physical abuse, school behavior, and motivation. Determines which concerns the school can handle and which need to be referred to outside agencies.
  • Writes comprehensive evaluation reports with the Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team, including determining information needed in a formal evaluation and the terminology to be used in the diagnosis.
  • Consults teachers and parents in order to provide intervention techniques/methods in helping students to be more successful in school and in dealing with family problems.
  • Attends staff, professional, and agency meetings in order to discuss student needs, referral availability, and intervention methods. Stays updated on new educational and psychological theories, processes, and techniques.
  • Provides in-service training on behavioral techniques and processes including determining the audience and the most effective presentation method.
  • Leads school teams through the process of completing Functional Behavior Assessments using researched-based practices.
  • Supports school teams in the development and implementation of formal and informal Behavior Intervention Plans.
  • Works with others in developing programs for students needing special education or students at risk including determining staff, materials, and dates and observing programs for effectiveness.
  • Performs other duties of a similar nature or level.

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CATEGORY: Psychology | JOB TYPE: Full-Time |

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