LOCATION: Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States 33327

School Business Manager – Weston (RF: 2834)

We are currently seeking a Business Manager for a full-time, school-based position in the Weston, FL area. This is a permanent position that comes with a competitive salary and full-benefits package. The business manager will be responsible for managing and coordinating business operations for the school. Ideal candidates will have a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Accounting, or Business Administration and 2 years of experience.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Accounting or Business Administration
  • 2 years experience in business/financial management
  • Manage and coordinate business operations for the school, including business planning and budget preparation, business reporting and filings, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, human resources, contracts and grant accounting.
  • Manage cash, cash-related receipts, accounts receivable and credit and collection functions, ensuring a timely processing of billings, payments and collections.
  • Ensure that the accounting procedures within the school system meet all federal, state, and local requirements.
  • Develop and manage contracts with vendors and contractors.
  • Maintain all required (non-benefit) insurance policies; keep school in compliance with all (non-benefit) insurance policy requirements; procure certificates of insurance as needed.
  • Manage grant requirements.
  • Manage all fundraising events for the school.
  • Responsible for reporting financial status to the board.
  • Assists regional director in interacting with finance/accounting officials of the state government/local school boards.

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