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Physical Therapist PT

We are currently seeking a Physical Therapist PT for a part-time (about 32 hours/week) position working with students in the Lyndhurst, OH area. Eligible candidates must be a licensed/certified Physical Therapist in the state of Ohio.

  • Must be a licensed/certified Physical Therapist in the state of Ohio.
  • Must have Doctorate or grandfathered Master’s Degree.
  • Must have current, up-to-date clearances.
  • Preference given for those with experience working in academic settings.
  • Gathering appropriate information from students, parents, and other team members regarding the child’s functional motor performance in school settings.
  • Selecting, administering, and interpreting a variety of screening instruments and standardized measurement tools.
  • Collaboratively with students’ IEP teams, examining and evaluating eligible students’ strengths and needs to establish their ability to participate in meaningful school activities and routines with or without assistance.
  • Designing and implementing physical therapy interventions that allow students to benefit from their educational program.
  • Measuring and documenting student progress resulting from the designed physical therapy interventions.
  • Teaching and training family members and educational personnel in an effort to help the student achieve his or her IEP goals.
  • Forming partnerships and working with other team members in the school setting to promote an effective physical therapy plan of care.
  • Coordinating physical therapy interventions within the student’s educational program.
  • Adapting environments to facilitate student access and participation in the educational program.
  • Educating school personnel and families to promote inclusion of students within the educational setting by developing, demonstrating, training, and monitoring the effectiveness of strategies and intervention activities, and subsequently using gathered data to make program modification decisions. This includes the use of assistive technology for access and participation in the general education curriculum.

CATEGORY: Therapy | JOB TYPE: Part-Time |

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