LOCATION: Charlotte, NC, United States

Physical Therapist PT

We are currently seeking a certified Physical Therapist for a very part-time position working with K-12 students in the Charlotte, NC area. Eligible candidates must have Doctorate and NC State Physical Therapy license. This position is 16 hours/month; PT is needed for 1 full day, every other week.

  • Must be a licensed Physical Therapist in the state of North Carolina.
  • Must have Doctorate or “grandfathered” Master’s Degree.
  • Must have current, up-to-date clearances.
  • Must enjoy working with children.
  • Preference given for those with experience working in school settings.
  • Adhere to professional, ethical and legal standards of practice.
  • Provide direct supervision of physical therapy assistants in accordance with North Carolina’s Physical Therapy Practice Act (currently, at least every 30 days).
  • Develop, implement and coordinate the physical therapy program within the LEA, including philosophy, vision, departmental procedures and goals.
  • Evaluate students using appropriate tests, skilled professional observation and supplementary information from other agencies and records.
  • Interpret assessment findings and appropriately convey information to parents and school teams.
  • Participate with the school team to develop Individualized Education Programs and Section 504 Plans.
  • Develop and implement intervention strategies.
  • Develop physical management plan for daily classroom routines and train staff in its safe implementation.
  • Plan for transition from school to community, preparing student to function independent from therapy service when targeted outcomes are achieved.
  • Evaluate and report on student progress.
  • Communicate and consult with school staff, parents, administrators, physicians, community and other professionals.
  • Serve as resource to parent, school team, staff and administration on disabling conditions and their effects on education.
  • Collaborate with community based therapists and other healthcare providers for effective coordination of service.
  • Assess need and recommend assistive technology necessary for function at school.
  • Contribute to planning safe transportation of students with disability.
  • Provide consultation regarding emergency evacuation of students with disability.
  • Participate with improving school accessibility and planning environmental modification.
  • Maintain student service, administrative and other departmental records in accordance with the Physical Therapy Practice Act as well as school district, State and Federal policies.
  • Participate in budget planning and policy development.
  • Document need and advocate for personnel and equipment.
  • Procure, maintain and inventory equipment, materials and supplies.
  • Seek regular opportunities for professional growth.
  • Provide clinical educational opportunities for students of physical therapy.


CATEGORY: Therapy | JOB TYPE: Part-Time |

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