LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA, United States

SPED Certified Service Coordinator

We are seeking an experienced and SPED Certified Service Coordinator for a full-time position working in a school in the Philadelphia, PA, area. The Case Manager is to act primarily as a liaison between service providers and students’ families. Candidates should have two (2) years experience working in the field of Early Intervention, and one (1) year of experience as a Service Coordinator or Case Manager. Eligible candidates MUST have a valid PA Special Education Certification.

  • Must have (at minimum) a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education (preferred) or Early Childhood Education
  • Must have experience with IEP’s and IEP Meetings. (Preference given to those with experience leading IEP Meetings.)
  • Two (2) years experience working in the field of Early Intervention
  • One (1) year of experience as a Service Coordinator or Case Manager
  • Must have excellent references.
  • Must have current, up-to-date clearances.
  • Ensure that eligible young children receive the rights and protections to which they are entitled in accordance with Act 212 of 1990; ensure compliance with Early Intervention timelines
  • Coordinate Multi–disciplinary Evaluations (MDE) and facilitate Individual Educational Plan (IEP) meetings in accordance with state and federal guidelines
  • Serve as the Local Educational Agency (LEA) representative at IEP Meetings; serve a dual role Service Coordinator and LEA, if necessary
  • Consult with providers to ensure appropriate progress monitoring, and IEP reviews as needed
  • Maintain a working knowledge of Preschool Early Intervention regulations, including but not limited to Procedural Safeguards, Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE),
  • Coordinate referrals to residential services.
  • Creation of a crisis response plan for the family and providers.
  • Ensuring family visitation, including appropriate follow-up.
  • Provision of monthly summaries of services to families.
  • Coordination of referrals with community providers prior to discharge.
  • Recognition and respect of diversity in development and learning.
  • Legal, ethical, and professional practices in compliance with federal and state mandates, as well as local policies concerning performance.


CATEGORY: Education | JOB TYPE: Full-Time |

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